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Location of villages around Jhunjhunu district in south

Abusar (आबूसर) is a town in tahsil and district Jhunjhunu of Rajasthan.


It is located 4 km west of Jhunjhunu on Jhunjhunu-Mandawa Road.


The village was founded by Chahar Jats who came from Charawas.[1] The people from this village write Abusaria as surname.

Jat Gotras


Krishi Vigyan kendra Abusar

Local tradition tells us that Abusar gets name from a banjaran named Abalde. It is said that Abalde was passing thorough this place on a horse when a bag full of silver coins fell down. After she went a few kms from here she returned searching the bag and she found it here. She later constructed a well on that spot which is still preserved.

Main clan of the village Abusar is Khalia, who came from Goth-Manglod village about 300-400 years back. Khalias initially settled at place called Net Tibba in the village. Net (नेत) is their kuladevata. It is said that a wild animal locally called Ray frightened them by terrifying voice. Their priest suggested to install a statue of their kuladevata Net brought from village Hamiri. Khalias shifted down side of the Tiba.


The Abusar village has the total population of 1409, of which 719 are males while 690 are females (as per Population Census 2011).[2]

Notable Persons

  • Dinesh Abusaria (Khalia) - IAS, From Abusar (Jhunjhunu), Nagaland Cadre, Mob-08130300009
  • Kunwar Ramgopal Abusar -Freedom fighter

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