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Achal (अचल)[1] Achahal (अचहल)[2] Achala (अचला) is gotra of Jats in Punjab.


  • Achal was a King, son of Mahabali Maharaja Yashovarma descendant of Maharaja Kartik. [3][4]
  • Achal is sanskrit word which means, 'a stationery state' i.e. it refers to a state of thing that does not move. Since these Jats remained stationed at one place so they began to be called Achal.[5]


They are mentioned by Cunningham[6] in an inscription at the Buddhist Stupa of Sanchi of the period of Ashoka as under:

No. 14:. — Nadinagara Achalaya-bhikhuniya dānam.
Meaning - " Gift of Achala, the mendicant nun of Nadinagara.

Tej Ram Sharma[7] while mentioning names of Vanikas (Traders) writes about (अचलवर्मन) (No. 16, L. 6) : Achala means 'firm' or 'stable'. Varman is a surname used for kshatriyas. Acalavarman is specifically mentioned as a kshatriya. This is significant. It means that kshatriyas followed the profession of vaisyas.

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