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Nandardhan (नन्दर्धन) or Nagardhan is town in Nagpur district of Maharashtra. It is about 5 km from the temple town of Ramtek. It was earlier known as Nandivardhana (नन्दिवर्द्धन), which was well-known as an ancient capital of the Vakatakas and is now represented by the village Nandardhan. Nandivardhana was also name of Suryavanshi King. Nandivardhana was also name of king of Shishunaga dynasty (430-364 BC) of Magadha.

In Indian epics

Bala Kanda Sarga 71 of Ramayana : In which Janaka narrates his lineage while offering his daughters as brides to Rama and Lakshmana:

From Udavasu it is noble souled Nandivardhana took birth, and Nandivardhana's son is named as Suketu, by his name... [1-71-5]
उदावसोः तु धर्मात्मा जातो वै नन्दिवर्धनःनन्दिवर्धन पुत्रः तु सुकेतुः नाम नामतः ॥१-७१-५॥


Poona Plates of 13th year of Prabhavatigupta were issued from Nandivardhana by Prabhavatigupta, the chief queen of the Vâkataka Maharaja Rudrasëna II and mother of the Yuvaràja Divakarasena. She was then acting as Régent for her minor son. The plates record the grant of the village Danguna (दङ्गुण), which is modern Hinganghat.

The first reference to the name Nagpur is found in a 10th century copper-plate inscription discovered at Devali in the neighbouring Wardha district. The inscription is a record of grant of a village situated in the visaya (district) of Nagpura-Nandivardhana during time of Rashtrakutas king Krisna III in the Saka year 862 (940 CE). [1] Nandivardhana, which was well-known as an ancient capital of the Vakatakas, is now represented by the village Nandardhan, about three miles (5 km) from the temple town of Ramtek. Inscription found at Ramtek show that during the 12th century AD Nagpur and its surrounding regions formed the part of the thickly wooded country called Jhadimandala under Yadavas of Devagiri.[2] However, tradition ascribes the founding of Nagpur to Bakht Buland, a prince of the Gond kingdom of Deogarh Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh in the Chhindwara district.

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