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Location of villages around Jhunjhunu district in south
Location of village Biram Ka Bas in west of Jhunjhunu

Ranjeetpura (रणजीतपुरा) or Biram Ka Bas (बिरम का बास) is village in Jhunjhunu tahsil & district in Rajasthan.


Named after Biram Ram Tetarwal.


It is located on Dhigal to Mandawa Road between Ladsar and Hanumanpura

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As per Census-2011 statistics, Ranjeetpura village has the total population of 767 (of which 401 are males while 366 are females).[1]


Genealogy of Birma, Founder of Biram Ka Bas
Genealogy of Birma, Founder of Biram Ka Bas

The village was founded by Biram Ram Tetarwal, in his own name, as 'Biram Ka Bas'. Birma was son of Shyama Ram son of Bharu Ram. Birama's ancestors came from Tetara to Bheemasar to Ladsar to Biram Ka Bas. Birma came from Ladsar about 150 years back.

Biram Ram had four sons:1. Rupa, 2. Surupa, 3. Lachchoo and 4. Gopi.

Gopi Ram, who had son Hardewa Ram, who had son Magha Ram. Magha Ram's son was Pyare Lal whose son Vikram Singh provided this Genealogy of Birma, Founder of Biram Ka Bas village.

Later the Jagirdar named the village after him as Ranjeetpura.

Notable persons

  • Vikram Singh (Tetarwal) - Geologist, Mob: 9887631227

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