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Bukan (बुकन) is a Jat clan. [1]


There seems some relation with Bukansar (बुकनसर) is a village in Sardarshahar Tehsil of Churu district in Rajasthan.


H A Rose[2] gives an account of this clan that Bharais (भराईस) are scattered throughout these Provinces are also known as Pirhain, a name which is explained thus: — One Bukan Jat was a devotee of Sakhi Sarwar who one day said to him tujhe piri di, 'the saint's mouth has fallen on thee', whence the name Pirhai. The form Pirhain is said to be in use in Saharanpur. The word pariah is also said to mean drummer and is possibly connected with Bharai - Crooke : Things Indian


Notable persons


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