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(Dagoliya, Dagaulia, Dagolya)

Location : Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh

Country : Flag of India.png India

Languages : Dhundhari, Rajasthani, Hindi

Religion : Hinduism

King Dogala

Dagolia (दगोलिया) Dagoliya (दगोलिया) Dagaulia (दगौलिया) Dagolya (दगोल्या) gotra Jats live in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.


They have descended from King named Dukula (दुकूल)/ Dugula (दुगूला) of the Mahabharata period. [1][2]

They may also have descended from a King Dogala (दोगला) of fifth century in Kota, who was son of Maharaja Shalendra


We find in the history of Maharaja Shalendra, a Jat King in early fifth century in Punjab, whose son was King named Dogala. After the fall of Kushan empire in India Jats had many small republics. There was no prominent Jat king for about two centuries after Kushans. But Maharaja Shalendra in fifth century again established a kingdom, which extended from Punjab to Malwa and Rajasthan. James Tod found an inscription in 1820 AD at village ‘Kanwas’ in Kota state. Tod in ‘Tod Rajasthan’ has described it and salient features of this inscription. [3]

The chronology of the ruler Maharaja Shalendra is as under:

According to Thakur Deshraj one of the descendants of Maharaja Shalendra was known as Dogala (दोगला) married with a Yaduvanshi girl. [4]

In Mahabharata

Sabha Parva, Mahabharata/Book II Chapter 48 Describes Kings who presented tributes to Yudhishthira. It mentions about the clan Dukula (दुकूल):

वङ्गाः कलिङ्ग पतयस ताम्रलिप्ताः सपुण्ड्रकाः
दुकूलं कौशिकं चैव पत्रॊर्णं परावरान अपि Mahabharata:(2.48.17)

Bhisma Parva, Mahabharata/Book VI Chapter 10 Describes geography and provinces of Bharatavarsha. We find mention about the province of Dugula (दुगूला) clan along with Shakas, Nairas, Matshyas, Kundus etc. as under:

शका निषादा निषधास तदैवानर्तनैरृताः
दुगूलाः परतिमत्स्याश च कुशलाः कुनटास तदा Mahabharata:(6.10.50)

Dugula (दुगूला) may be identified with Dagolya Jat Gotra.

Distribution in Rajasthan

Dagolya (दगोल्या) gotra Jats live in Tonk district in Rajasthan.

Villages in Tonk district

Alimpura (1), Devpura Piplu (1), Mahadevpura (1), Paldi Dardahind (4), Sahalsagar (14), Sindholia (10),

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Dagolia (दगोलिया) Jats live in Nimach, Mandsaur, Ratlam districts in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Mandsaur district

Betikheri, Molyakheri, Ralayta (Multanpura),

Villages in Nimach district

Nimach (2), Khadawda (6),

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam with population of this gotra are:

Ratlam 22, Banjali 1, Kalmoda 1, Raoti 1,


Notable persons

  • Dr. Rajveer Singh Choudhary - Nursing Officer at Delhi and he is from Alimpura, Peeplu, Tonk.
    Present address : NCR New Delhi.

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