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Garhi Birbal (गढ़ी बीरबल) is a village in Indri tehsil of Karnal district in Haryana.


Most of the population is from JAT gotras. According to elders of this village (mentioning one experienced and knowledgeable person Shiv Nath Mandhan), JAT people came from Bharatpur from Rajasthan. These people came to Charkhi Dadri and from Charkhi Dadri to Dabkauli_Kalan and from Dabkauli_Kalan to Badi in UP.

There were 4 groups/patti of JATS in the village from the beginning. 1. Mote 2. Sahje 3. Deswal 4. Sinhmar

Youngsters of this village in foreign countries are :- 1. Abhishek Mandhan(Sydney,Australia) 2. Rajat Mandhan(U.K. 3. Jaideep Mandhan(Australia) 4. Rahul Mandhan(Australia) 5. Sanju Mandhan(Australia) 6. Aman Mandhan(U.K. etc..... Some of Youngsters are in European Countries like Germany and some are in Singapore.

Jat gotras

Notable persons

Shiv Nath Mandhan ex sarpanch and historian about village and mandhan gotra.

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