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History of the Jats

Contribution to the History of Northern India (Upto the Death of Mirza Najaf Khan, 1782)

By Kalika Ranjan Qanungo. Edited and annotated by Vir Singh. Delhi, Originals, 2003, ISBN 81-7536-299-5.

First Edition 1925

Qanungo, K.R., reprinted by Sunita Publications, Delhi, India, 1987 first published in 1925

This book on Jats in English was written by Professor K.R. Qanungo in 1925. This work doubtlessly enjoys the stature of a pioneering work on Jat History. Post-Qanungo works on the subject do not diminish the importance of this work as later writers subscribe to his views on many points and quote him with respect.

The book is composed of 205 pages and contains the following chapters and appendices:

Chapter 1: Origin and Early History

Chapter 2: Jat History in Aurangzip's (Moghal emperor of India) Reign

Chapter 3: Expansion of the Jat Power

Chapter 4: Rajah (king Suraj Mal, an Ally of Nawab Safdar Jang

Chapter 5: Suraj Mal's Struggles with the Marathas (a Hindu people from Bombay Area)

Chapter 6: Ahmad Shah Durrani's campaign (Afghan invader of India) Against the Jats

Chapter 7: Suraj Mal's Great Disappointment

Chapter 8: Reign of Suraj Mal

Chapter 9: Legacy of Suraj Mal

Chapter 10: Maharaja (Great King) Sawai Jawahir Singh Bharatendra

Chapter 11: Reign of Rajah (king) Jawahir Singh

Chapter 12: Civil War

Chapter 13: Regency of Nawal Singh

Chapter 14: Decline of the House of Bharatpur

Chapter 15: Reign of Rajah (King) Ranjit Singh

Appendix (Chapter 8): Details of the Death of Suraj Mal

Appendix A: The Theory of the Indo-Scythians Origin of the Jats

Appendix B: The legend About the Yadu Tribe

Appendix C: The Jat Risings During Aurangzib's (Mughal Emperor of India) Reign

Reprint 1982

With the establishment of Surajmal Memorial Education Society, the book was reprinted in 1982 under the supervision of Dr P.S. Dabas.

Revision of 2003

While maintaining the improvements in the 1982 edition of the book, more changes have been incorporated in this edition.

History of the Jats - Prof Kalika Ranjan Qanungo, 2003.
Edited and annotated by Dr Vir Singh
Publisher - M/S Originals (an imprint of low priced publications), A-6, Nimri commercial Centre, Near Ashok Vihar, Phase-IV, Delhi-110052. e-mail: lpp@nde.vsnl.net.in, url: http://www.lppindia.com, © Surajmal Memorial Education Society
ISBN 81-7536-299-5 (H.B.) Price Rs 240/-& ISBN 81-7536-107-7 (P.B.) Price Rs 150/-

History of the Jats : Contribution to the History of Northern India (Upto the Death of Mirza Najaf Khan, 1782)/Kalika Ranjan Qanungo. Edited and annotated by Vir Singh. Delhi, Originals, 2003, xiv, 226 p., $13. ISBN 81-7536-299-5.


"The Jats are one of the most important races among the Indian population today, as during the Muslim period, and their traditions go back to dim antiquity. A critical study of the past history of such a race on the basis of all the available material cannot fail to be a subject of deep interest and instruction to all Indians. Such a study is presented in this book History of the Jats by Professor Kalika R. Qanungo all known sources, printed and manuscript, Persian, Marathi, French and English, have been utilised here, and this history of the Jats represents a synthesis never attempted before. In his History of the Jats, Prof. Qanungo has not been content to be a closet student of written records. He has lived and worked among the Jat boys of his former college at Delhi, he has won their love and confidence and has visited their historic places and tribal gatherings and talked with old Jats whose memories are richly stored with the past. The information he has thus gathered by a personal quest spread over a wide field is concentrated in this book and gives it a unique value.

"He has here sifted the evidence impartially and reviewed events and characters from the broad point of view of India as a whole, instead of narrowing his vision to a single tribe. This wider outlook, this philosophical detachment from the particular dynasty or community dealt with, is specially necessary in any history of India in the 18 century that deserves to live as a true history. For, the Jats were only one out of the many threads that made up the tangled web of North Indian history during the decline of the Mughal Empire. The Jats, Ruhelas, Sikhs, Marathas, Rajputs, Oudh Nawabs, English Company, French adventurers, besides the Delhi Emperors and their semi-independent nobles – all entered into the criss-cross of Indian politics during that one century which saw the rise, maturity and downfall of the Jats as the makers of Indian history; and, therefore, Professor Qanungo has done wisely in studying the contemporary history and interplay of all of these powers. Here is a first-rate contribution to the critical study of the fall of the Mughal Empire.

"The Jats are fortunate to have Prof. Qanungo as their historian, as the Rajputs had Col. Tod, the Marathas Grant-Duff, and the Sikhs Cunningham. In this edition annotations based on recent findings describing and clarifying certain facts have been added to update this pioneering work. We honestly hope that this updated work will provide a clean mirror of the Jat History to the readers." (jacket)

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