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Jali (जाली) [1] is gotra of Jats[2][3][4] . Jali clan is found in Afghanistan. [5] Jali (जाली) tribe of Jats, found in Jind. Kalu, their Jathera, has a math at Lahawara in Patiala. They offer him 1-1/4 man of sweet cakes (puṛas) at weddings, and these are taken by a Brahman.[6]


  • Jalamani was an ancient republic of Ayudhjivi Sangha known to Panini, which gave name to this clan.[7]
  • They are said to have originated from Raja Jali (जाली). [8] Jalo, Jali and Jurel Jat gotras are from the same ancestor Jali.


Jāli are also mentioned by Panini under the name of Jālamani along with Jānaki, to be identified with the Jani clan in the Trigarta people. [9]

Origin from Trigartas: Maheswari Prasad consider this gotra to have originated from ancient Trigarta clan named Jālamāni . He[10] writes that it appears that at the time of the final redaction of the Mahabharata the tradition of the six important clans of the Trigartas was well established. It is carious to note that in connection with the application of a suffix Panini makes a reference to the Damini (दामिनी) group and the six Trigartas (दामन्यादि त्रिगर्तसष्टाच्छ: v.3.116). On the basis of an ancient verse the Kashika commentary names these as Kauṇḍoparastha (कौण्डोपरस्थ) , Dāṇḍakī (दाण्डकी), Krauṣṭakī (क्रौष्टकी), Jālamāni (जालमानि), Brahmagupta (ब्रह्मगुप्त), and Jānaki (जानकी). These communities mentioned in the grammatical literature can be identified with following Jat Gotra names:

  • (3) Dāṇḍakī (दाण्डकी): Dangi,
  • (5) Jālamāni (जालमानि): Jali,

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