Jalkaran Singh

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Jalkaran Singh was Thenua clan ruler of Mursan in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh.

Genealogy of Mursan rulers

Makhan SinghNand RamJalkaran SinghKhasal SinghPuhap SinghRaja Bhagwant SinghTika RamKunwar Kisan PratapGhan Shyam Singh


Mursan (Thenua) Rulers family tree

Out of 14 sons of Nandram, two were more famous: Jalkaran Singh and Jai Singh. Jalkaran's grandson was Raja Bhagwant Singh, who was ruler of Sasni and Mursan. Jai Singh's grandson was Daya Ram, who became ruler of Hathras. Bhagwant Singh later helped Lord Lake and got Sonkh and Madan in Jagir. According to Mathura Memoirs, the rulers of Mursan and Hathras considered them selves Independent. In 1817 Mursan and hathras forts fell to British under General Marshal. Raja Daya Ram thought it appropriate to have a treaty with British rule. [1]


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