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Ploughing the fields
Officer and soldier of the 10th Jat Regiment
Sar par bharota

Today we find Jats in all professions. Some of the leading jats in these professions are mentioned in the following links:

The Actors

The Advocates

The Artists

The Administrators

The Ancient Jats

The Authors

The Brave People

The Excellent Kids

The Freedom Fighters

The Industrialists and Businessmen

The Innovators

The Leaders

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The Reformers

The Rulers

The Social Workers

The Technocrats

The Jats, like most South Asians, are mostly landlords and farmers; however, they are also found in many other professions. Traditionally they have formed part of the land & gentry and ruling upper classes. A large number of Jats serve in the Indian Army, including the Jat Regiment, Rajputana Rifles, Sikh Regiment and the Grenadiers, among others. Jats also serve in the Pakistan Army especially in the Punjab Regiment.

The Jat regions in India are among the most prosperous on a per-capita basis (Haryana, Punjab, and Gujarat are among the wealthiest of Indian states).

Murra Buffalo

A Jat generally goes for only two professions, handed down by his ancestors, agriculture or soldiering, and excels in both. A Jat may starve but will seldom take up a profession involving menial labour for another person. As soldiers they are fearless and loyal but sensitive, and need careful handling and good leadership. As farmers they are very industrious and both men and women work hard on their land. They are very fond and proud of their cattle, which are amongst the finest breed in the world. Jats meet their simple needs from what they produce and are, therefore, self-reliant. This has had two effects. On one hand, they have managed to live in tact for centuries around Delhi, the capital of India, and could never be coerced in to changing their form or character inspite of numerous changes of governments with different ideologies and religions. On the other hand it has hampered their progress in modern times in educational and technical fields, because they stuck to their land.

Now a days jat community is progressing very fastl. They have achieved great heights in education politics, management etc. There is no area left where jats have not showed their excellence. This great community has produced and will be producing many good and energetic and brave people.

Author: Laxman Burdak लक्ष्मण बुरड़क

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