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Map of Jhalawar District

Jhalawar (झालावाड़) is a city and district in southeastern Rajasthan. In olden days it was known as Brijnagar.

Tahsils in Jhalawar district


Places of historical importance

1. Buddhist Caves and Stupas at Kolvi in Jhalawar district :

Jhalawar district is only part of the state where rock-cut caves can be seen. The ancient Buddhist caves at Kolvi are of considerable archaeological and historical value. The colossal figure of Buddha and exquisite carvings are noteworthy. Similar caves can also be seen at Vinaika, Hathiagor and Gunai, which indicates existence of a flourishing civilization several centuries ago and Buddhist influence of the region. [1]

Kolvi is an ancient village in Gangdhar tahsil in Jhalawar district in Rajasthan.

James Tod found Inscriptions related with Jats in this very region of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Jats being Buddhist during that period spread Buddhism in this area. That seems the reason why we find large number of sites related with Jats and Jat History in this region.

2. Jhalrapatan ( 6 km) - the " city of bells," had the name of Chandravati, and the rivulet which flowed through it, the Chandrabhaga. City was founded by Jat Raja Chandrasena. It has Jhalrapatan inscription dated S. 748 (A.D. 691) of Raja Durgangul. It has Chandrabhaga temple of 7th century on the bank of Chandrabhaga River.

3. Gangdhar - We have Gangdhar Stone Inscription of Vishvavarman (423-424 CE). It mentions that the illustrious Mayûrâkshaka,— who is sprung from a family possessed of wisdom and prowess; whose heroism is renowned in every region; who holds himself under control; (and) who has accomplished, in his son Vishnubhata and also Haribhata, the duty of (continuing his) lineage,— caused to be built by his sons, the favourites of great good fortune, this shrine of the divine (god) Vishnu....

4. Gagron Fort (12 km) - The foundation of Gagron Fort was laid in 7th century and completed by 14th century. It is surrounded on three sides by water of Ahu and Kali Sindh Rivers.[2]

5. Dag(100 km) - Dag is famous for 12th century temple of Dageshwari Mata, Rani Ka Maqbara and Kaya Varneshwar Mahadeo. . [3]

Notable persons

Jat gotras

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