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Karor (करौड) is a medium sized village in Rohtak dist. of Haryana.

Jat gotra



Kartrpura (कर्तृपुर) is one of the five frontier kingdoms mentioned in the inscription whose kings did pay homage and paid tribute to Samudragupta. Dasaratha Sharma [2] has contention that amongst the five frontier kingdoms mentioned in the inscription, the first three belong to the East, the fourth one belongs to the North, hence it will be better to leave aside the northern and eastern sides of the empire and to look for Kartrpura somewhere to the west of the Gupta dominions. Consequently he finds Karor or Karur to be a good equivalent for Kartrpura. [3] Kara here stands for Kartr and 'ur' or 'ur' would stand here for pura. Karur, again, is to be preferred to the other alternatives on account of its associations with the Gupta period of Indian History. [4]

Prominent persons

  • Sumit Malik - He won gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.


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