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Kheriya/Kheria (खेरिया)[1] Khairawi (खैरावी) Khairia (खैरिया) Khairiya (खैरिया)[2] is a gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan.


This gotra is said to be originated from ancestral person named Khairawi (खैरावी). [3]


James Todd[4] writes: Johya, Dahya, Mangalia Tribes. — Once found amongst the Rajput tribes, now proselytes to Islam, but few in number either in the valley or the desert. There are also Bairawis, a class of Baloch, Khairawis, Jangrias, Undars, Bagrias, descended from the Pramar and Sankhla Rajputs, but not possessing, either in respect to numbers or other distinctive marks, any claims on our attention.

Alexander Cunningham[5] writes that ....The various tribes connected with the Mundas are enumerated by Colonel Dalton[6] as the Kuars of Elichpur, the Korewas of Sirguja and Jaspur, the Kherias of Chutia Nagpur, the Hor of Singhbhum, the Bhumij of Manbhum and Dhalbhum, and the Santals of Manbhum, Singhbhum, Katak, Hazaribagh, and the Bhagalpur hills. To these he adds the Juangas or Pattuns (leaf-clad) of Keunjar, etc. in the Kataka tributary districts, who are isolated from " all other branches of the Munda family, and have not themselves the least notion of their connection with them ; but their language shows that they are of the same race, and that their nearest kinsmen are the Kherias. The western branches of this race are the Bhils of Malwa and Kanhdes, and the Kolis of Gujarat. To the south of these tribes there is another division of the same race, who are called Suras or Suars. They occupy the northern end of the eastern Ghats.

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Churu district

Bidasar (Kheria Jats moved from Dhadheru to Bidasar Sujangarh), Chhapar Churu (1), Dhadheru, Sujangarh (10),

Villages in Alwar district

Alwar, Jatka (150), Budh Vihar (Alwar),

Notable persons

  • Ramesh Khairiya - Dy. Manager SBI, Date of Birth : 20-July-1962, B-75, Budh Vihar, Alwar Raj. Present Address : D-234, S.B.I. Officers Flats, Hasanpura, Jaipur,Phone Number : 0141-2450142, Mob: 9414447198
  • Harsh Vardhan Kheria - S/O Hari Singh Kheria
  • Hari Singh Kheria - Land Records Inspector (Retd), from Tijara Road, Alwar[7] S/O Rati Ram Kheria
  • Rati Ram Kheria - Bhamashah of 2005[8]

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