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Kukara (कूकड़ा) Kukada (कूकडा)[1] Kukadana (कूकडाना) Kukda (कूकडा) is gotra of Jats [2] found in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.



It is included in the List of Jat gotras derived from Dadhichi Family Tree.

Kukara (कूकारा), the chief exorcists (dan denewalas) of the Sandal Bar. They have a semi-sacred position. — See Nekokara. [3]

Kukda village in Durg stone inscription

Source - Hira Lal: Descriptive lists of inscriptions in the Central provinces and Berar,p.122

(166) Durg stone inscription.

(Deposited in the Raipur Museum)

There are two different inscriptions on this stone. The first one speaks of a Vaishnava temple and refers to a king Sivadeva, and the second mentions the names Sivapura and Sivadurga associated together, indicating that the town and the fort were separate in the times of Sivadeva and that he gave his name to both of them. The present name of Durg appears to be a contraction of the old Sivadurga. It may be noted that the river flowing close to Durg is also named Siva. The second record refers to a grant of a village Jalakoika made for the repairs of a temple, and another Mandhyata in the Kikkida abhoga (sub-division) for its maintenance. The village Jalakoika may be Kohaka (कोहका), 6 miles north-east of Durg, Jala being added to show its comparative wetness. Mandhyata and Kikkida remain unidentified, unless the latter is represented by Kikirda in the Bilaspur District. It is rather too far away from Durg, and the probability is that Kukda (कुकड़ा), 18 miles east of Durg, represents the old Kikkida,

(Cousens' Pt ogress Repirt, 1904, page 48, and Cunningham's Archaeological Reports, Volume XVII, pages 3 and 4.)

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Jodhpur district


Villages in Nagaur district

Kukadana are found in villages: Jalsoo Nanak,

Distribution in Chhattisgarh

Villages in Bilaspur district

Kukada is village in Masturi tahail in Bilaspur district in Chhattisgarh.

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