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Location of villages around Dabra in Gwalior District

Lohgarh (लोहागढ) is a village and site of Jat Fort in Dabra tahil of Gwalior District in Madhya Pradesh.



The Magrora state of Daunderia Jats included Lohagarh, Magrora, Salvai, Patha (पठा) , Ajaygarh, Ghamadpura (घमड़पुरा), Aroosi, Belgarha, Chetupada, Gendol, Virrat, Simaria, Nibhera, Bargavan garhis (forts). There were total 52 garhis and 400 villages in this state. All these forts were built on high hillocks and well protected. After war with Mahadji Sindhia there was a treaty in which Pichhore ruler Maharaja Chhatra Singh was given the Magrora fort along with the title of Bahadur Joodeo. It was a free Jagir. [1]

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