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Malkhera (मलखेङा) is a village in tahsil Bhadra in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan having a majority of Poonia gotra, alongwith Nyol, Barala, Saharan, etc. It is a single village Gram panchayt with nearly 4000 votes.


Malkhera is situated on the bank of Amar Singh Canal. It is around 11 kms from tehsil headquarters Bhadra.It is only attached with road from two sides one of which goes to [[Nyangal] and Bhadra and the other road to Gandhi Badi It is also the last village of Rajasthan after this the border of Indian state Haryana get started, first village after Malkhera is Jogiwala that is in Haryana. Its nearby villages are:- 1.Gandhi Badi 2.Jogiwala 3.Sahuwala 4.Janana 5.Ninan 6.Sherpura 7.Nyangal 8.Bhojasar

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There are nearly 4000 votes in Malkera . And around 1300-1400 houses.

Notable persons

  • Choudhary Kashiram Poonia Ex.Vc- Chairman of tehsil Bhadra and he was the first person in the village who is the vice Chairman of teshil Bhadra
  • Smt. Rukamani Devi Poonia ex Maha sachiv of churu loksabha and ex Block Member of Panchayat samiti Bhadra. She was the first lady who participate in social working.
  • Hoshiyar Singh Poonia भामाशाह The person who done many sacrifice for the village and done many good works for the village Malkhera and help poor peoples. good and active person of village Mob-8094877165
  • Choudhary Chetram Nyol he was believed to be the most rich person of his time.Many stories of his helping nature are prevelent in village. He helped village in many hard situations.
  • Lixma Devi Poonia was the first female sarpanch belonging to Poonia Jats.
  • Mahendra Lal Poonia - RPS, DY. S.P.(RETD.), Date of Birth : 20-March-1943, VIL.- Malkhera , Teh.- Bhadra, Dist.- Hanumangarh, Present Address : 32, Suraj Nagar (East),Civil Lines, Jaipur, Phone : 0141-2229529, Mob : 9414772455
  • Asharam Poonia was first graduate from the village who remained government school principal from 1954 to 1994
  • Ghasiram Poonia Ex-Sarpanch of village Malkhera he became Sarpanch of village many times and had big contribution in development of village.
  • Balwan Poonia MLA of Bhadra assembly constituency of Rajasthan. He was elected in 2018 with a record 27000+ Votes.He secured 84000+votes in election which is record in Bhadra constituency. He belongs to village Malkhera.

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