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Manga (मांगा)[1] [2] gotra Jats who live in Punjab and Rajasthan. They are mentioned in the family tree of Dadhichi.


This Gotra originated from Chaudhary Manga ancestor of Bajwa tribe, whose grave Manga ha Mari is one of the sights of Pasrur and an object of veneration to the whole Bajwa tribe.


Ram Sarup Joon[3] writes about Chiefs Of Kalas Bazwa: Chaudhary Manga was a famous leader of this dynasty. Both Sikh and Muslim descendants of Chaudhary Manga worship at his fortress. His son, Kalas, obtained a Jagir. Dewan Singh son of Jai Chand Jogi, in this dynasty adopted Sikhism and was an important leader of the Bhangian Misal. Sardar Hari Singh Dhillon adopted him as his Dharmputra. In 1816 AD the daughter of Sardar Joth Singh was married to Ranjit Singh, son of Kharak Singh.

Kalas Bajwa (कलास बाजवा) was a Suryavanshi Jat ruler of Pasrur (पसरूर) (Sialkot), who founded village Kalas (कलास) in his name and gave the name to this gotra. [4]

The ancestor who gives his name to this branch of the Bajwa Jats was one Kalas, whose history is shrouded in obscurity. He was the son of one Manga, whose grave, Manga ha Mari, is one of the sights of Pasrur and an object of veneration to the whole Bajwa tribe, both Hindus and Mahomedans. The initial rites of the marriage ceremony are celebrated on this spot by those Bajwas whose homes are not too far away to prevent a general family gathering.

Kalas himself seems to have left Pasrur and founded a village to which he gave his own name. This village is now known as Kalalwala, a corruption of the original, which has led to a misapprehension of the origin of this fine old family. Kalas had two sons. Amir Shah and Pati. The descendants of the latter, although they were the younger branch, were the first to bring themselves to the front in the constant struggles which preceded the firm establishment of the Khalsa in the Panjab.


Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Nagaur district


Villages in Chittorgarh district

Mahinagar (6),

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Hoshiarpur district

Manga is village in Dasua tahsil in Hoshiarpur district in Punjab

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