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Tuhiya (तुहिया) is a medium-size village of Bharatpur tahsil in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan.

Jat Gotras


Suraj Mal's first exploit

K. R. Qanungo[1] writes ....Suraj Mal's first exploit, during his father's lifetime, was the capture of the fort of Bharatpur in 1732,XIII by a daring night-attack upon its lord, Khem Karan Jat Sogaria. At that time, the place was only a small mud-fort without any of the formidable fortifications with which its name was afterwards associated. His untutored genius turned it into an impregnable stronghold, and around it grew up a prosperous city vying in grandeur with the imperial capitals of Delhi and Agra. The fame of his just and wise rule attracted men of all classes, professions and creeds to his principality, which was the only spot were peace and security reigned in-the midst of the chaotic plains of Hindustan.

XIII. The author mistakes Bharatpur for Fatehgarhi or Fatehpur of Khem Karan Sogaria (also known as Khema Jat) originally from Mauza Tuhiya. Suraj Mal captured Fatehgarhi in a night attack in 1733. After demolishing it he built the impregnable fort of Bharatpur at that place. On January 1743 (Magh Sudi 5, Sam. 1799) the foundation of Bharthpur was laid and the construction completed in 1750. U.N. Sharma, Jaton ka Navin Itihas, I. 193,325-330; II. p. 67; G.C. Dwivedi, The Jats: their role in the Mughal Empire, p. 90; Some people misunderstand 'Choburja' as Garhi of Khema [at. Ganga Singh, Bharatpur ka Itihas, I, pp. 131 - 135. - Ed.


3,289 persons (2011 Census)

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