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Mogalchak (Mughal Chak) is a village of Man Jats in district Gujranwala, Punjab Pakistan.



Sir Lepel H. Griffin [2] writes that Ladda Man, the founder of Mogalchak family of Mans migrated from Delhi to country near Gujranwala, founded a village Man and was made it head-man of 22 villages. Nikka Man, the 4th in descent from Ladda Man founded village Nikka, which passed to Mirza Kila, who destroyed it and built a new village and called it Mogalchak.

Ram Sarup Joon[3] writes about The Mann Chiefs Of Mughul Chak: Chaudhary Ladha Mann of this dynasty, came from Sidipur Lowa in Rohtak district and settled down in Gujaranwala. He founded a small village named Maina. Thereafter, he became the Chaudhary of 22 villages. Sardar Mahatab Singh of this dynasty occupied 82 villages due to the weakness of the Mughal Emperor. He was a member of the Bhangi Misal.

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