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Nur (नूर)[1] Noor (नूर)[2] Noora (नूरा) is gotra of Jats.It is a branch of Chauhans. Nur clan is found in Afghanistan.[3] Noorzai are Pashtuns in Afghanistan.



Hukum Singh Panwar writes that The Neuris (Nur or Nuri Jats), Salva (Salu Jats), Arjunayan or the Kathoi and Kathoi and Kathroi (Kshatriyas or Khatri Jats) are the Jun and Rajayan tribes in the Jats. [4]

H. W. Bellew writes that the Nur, or Nurzi, of the Panjpae Durani inhabit the western parts of the Kandahar country, and are mostly pastoral and predatory. They are reckoned at thirty thousand families, scattered about the Helmand in Garmsil, in Farah, Darawat (Deh Rawat or Dahi Rawat; Rawat is a Rajput tribe of herdsmen and graziers), the Siahband hills of Ghor, in Isafzar (called also Isfarayin, Sufedrawan, and Sperwan) and the Adraskand valley to the borders of Sistan. The name Nur, or Nurzi, is evidently the same as the Rajput Nor, or Norka, and originally Skythian, probably a branch or clan of the Saka. Of the divisions of the Nurzi, the Badi section is Turk, and the Chalak (Chalak or Solanki) Rajput. Little is known of this tribe. [5]

H.A. Rose[6] mentions about Nur in a mirasi's chāp or ballad regarding the great deeds of the Chaddrar clan, found along the whole length of the Chenab and Ravi valleys, but far most numerous in Jhang, where they for the most part regard themselves as Rajputs, the Chhadhars claim to be descended from Raja Tur, Tunwar.

Is kul te dātā Nūrā, Gahna, Jāni, Wāchi, Ibrahim Haqqāni. Meaning- Of this family were the generous Nur, Gahna, Jani, Wachu and Ibrahim the Haqqani.

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