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Location of Panched is in the west of Namli and east of Sailana in Ratlam District

Panched (पंचेड़) or Pancher (पंचेड़) is a village in Ratlam tahsil and district in Madhya Pradesh. Pabaniya and Khichar are the biggest jat Gotra here.


It is located in the west of Namli and east of Sailana.


The Founders


There is a sacred place of Bhanapaji (भाणपाजी) near the village Panched. A fair is organized every year of Bhanapaji. [1]

Panched is associated with the history of Namli. Namli was first given to the Sanchora Chauhans of Panched, later Raja Mansingh of Ratlam gave it to the Songara Chauhan – Bhopat Sinhj, who fought for him. The Songaras of Namli who fought and lost their family members in battle were given Jagirs and made Thakurs in 1783.

Jat Gotras

As per Veer Jat Parichayavali, Anand Prakashan Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh), the gotra wise population of Jats, including that of women, living in the village is as under:

Badgama 4, Deru 12, Dhatarwar 95, Gaduliya 1, Goriya 9, Gugad 12, Gundhaniya 9, Guwarwa 10, Jhajhda 11, Kara 29, Kharwad 52, Khichar 150, Korwar 21, Lalawaniya 6, Mangroda 3, Olan 1, Pabaniya 188, Ranwa 30, Ratiwar 1, Rolaniya 41, Saran 4, Vadiyar 50,


Its population is 4,486.

Notable Persons

  • Ravindra Jat- 7869785393/7693978808

People’s Gallery

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  1. Dr Ajit Raizada: Art, Archaeology and History of Ratlam, Sharada Prakashan Delhi, 1992, ISBN 81-85320-14-4, p.116

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