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Location of Namli in Ratlam District

Namli (नामली) is a village in Ratlam tahsil and district in Madhya Pradesh. Nardaniya is biggest Jat Gotra here.

Namli has shown a population counting of 8475. Out of it, male populace constitutes 51 %, while the total population of females constitutes 49 % only. Children of Namli who fall into the age group of less than six years constitute 15 % of the total population.


Namli is situated in the Malwa plateau region of Madhya Pradesh. The Namli Garh is built on an artificial mound, held together by fortified walls. Namli is said to get it’s name from a saint, Naamliya Baba. He had an ashram here. He preached the spirituality of “Naad – Braham” the Yoga of sound, mentioned in the Upanishads. This village’s name appears in the history of the Ratlam Rajas, when they came from Marwad. Namli was first given to the Sanchora Chauhans of Panched, later Raja Mansingh of Ratlam gave it to the Songara Chauhan – Bhopat Sinhji, who fought for him. The Songaras of Namli who fought and lost their family members in battle were given Jagirs and made Thakurs in 1783.

Jat Gotras

As per Veer Jat Parichayavali, Anand Prakashan Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh), the Gotra wise population of Jats, including that of women, living in the village is as under:

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