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Pandu Pindara (पांडू पिंडारा) or Pindara (पिंडारा) is a historical & famous village in Jind tehsil & district of Haryana.


It gets name from Mahabharata period Pandu of Mahabharata.[1]


The village is situated at 5 km from Jind on Jind-Sonipat National Highway 352A


According to a legend, the Pandavas offered here pinds to their forefathers and hence the popular name of the village is Pandu Pindara.

Legends also says that Som (the moon or Chandradeva) was married to Prajapati's 27 daughters (the nakshatras). Rohini was the most beautiful of all and hence beloved to Chandradeva. Because of his partial behaviour towards his other wives Prajapati Daksha (Goddess Parvati's father and God Brahma's son). It is believed that the god Moon had a bath in the Som Teerth at Pindara & got cured of his tuberculosis. A fair is held on Somavati Amavas.


Population of Pindara according to Census 2001 is 3141 including males 1716 and females 1425[2]

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