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Pat (पाट) clan Jats are found in Punjab.[1]



Rajatarangini[3] tells that ....King Harsha of Kashmir trembled to hear that the enemy was so near him, all unexpected, and as if he had fallen from the sky or risen from the ground. He was at a loss to think as to how to prevent Uchchala from entering Kramarajya and killing the Lord of Mandala. Dandanayaka, who had collected an army, being delayed, the king sent Patta with a large force. But whether it was the will of the gods, or because he was seized with a desire to rise in rebellion, Patta avoided the enemy and loitered in the way. Tilakaraja and others, whom the king had sent, joined Patta, but did not advance on the enemy. Dandanayaka and others were also puzzled, so that Uchchala gained firm footing. (p.269)

Rajatarangini[4] mentions that Uchchala of Lohara family was killed by a revolt. Raḍḍa became king for a short time in 1111 AD. When Raḍḍa ascended the throne, his powerful and warlike friends and servants prepared themselves for battle. His friends Batta (Baṭṭa), Patta (Paṭṭa) the Tantris fought for a longtime and fell at the principal gate of the palace ; the warriors Katta Suryya &c, also fell there. The king Radda with sword and shield killed many of his enemies in fight within the palace. At times his opponents despaired of victory; but Radda fell in battle after a long struggle and after killing many of his foes. After the minder of his late master Uchchala, Gagga disclaimed wealth and punished Radda, though dead, as befitted a rebel.(p.30) (PattaPat)

Hukum Singh Panwar (Pauria)[5] provides genealogy of Sinsinwar Jat rulers of Bharatpur in which Pata is mentioned at S.No.11

In Mahabharata

Pata (पाट) is mentioned in Mahabharata (I.52.16)

Adi Parva, Mahabharata/Book I Chapter 52 mentions the names of Nagas who fell into the fire of the snake-sacrifice. Pata (पाट) is mentioned born in the race of Dhritarashtra in Mahabharata (I.52.16).[6]....Rishabha, Vegavan, Pindaraka; Mahahanu, Raktanga, Sarvasaranga, Samriddha, Pata, Rakshasa ...


In Hoshiarpur district the Pat population is 4,845. [7]

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