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Location of Pundlota in Nagaur District
An overview of Pundlota village

Pundlota (पून्दलोता) or Pulota is an ancient Village in Degana tahsil in Nagaur district, Rajasthan.


Pundlota is 11 kms from Degana in south.


Its ancient name was Purnatallakapura (पूर्णतल्लकपुर) / Purnatallaka (पूर्णतल्लक) / Purnatalla (पूर्णतल्ल). (See Sakrai inscription of s.v. 1155)

The Founders


The chronology of Harshanath Inscription of Chauhan rulers is supported by their Bijolia Inscription of v.s. 1226 (1170 AD). As per record of Bards the place of origin of Chauhans is Mahishmati on the banks of Narmada River.Ahichhatrapur and Shakambhari were their first and second capitals.Their state was known as Sapadalaksha which included one lakh villages. As per Ojha Sapadalaksha was the name of Nagaur. Shakambhari was the ancient name of Sambhar.[1]

Till the middle of 8th century Chauhans were the rulers of Sambhar. Guvaka I was probably the first independent ruler. Chauhans were Shaivas and Harshadeva was their kuladevata.[2] In other inscriptions of Chauhans we get information about a place named Purnatallakapura (पूर्णतल्लकपुर), a very well developed and rich city. Sakrai inscription of s.v. 1155 which mentions terms like 'पूर्णतल्लकपुर: प्रथित: पृथ्वीव्याम्' & 'वेश्मजालै:'. It appears that Purnatallakapura, which has been identified with village Pulota or Pundlota near Degana, has been the capital of Chauhans. Probably the line of rulers starting from Vasudeva to the predecessor of Guvaka were rulers here in Pulota. Later, when their state expanded Chauhans made Harsh as their capital or sub-capital and Guvaka was the first ruler of Harsh. This is probably the reason for Harshanath inscription starts Chauhan line of rulers from Guvaka I. [3]

Dasharatha Sharma [4] writes that .... Vasudeva, the earliest Chauhan ruler known to us, is connected with the Sambhar lake, and another very early ruler, Nripa or Naradeva, the successor of Samanta of Ahichchhatrapura, is described as reigning at Purnatalla or Puntala in the Jodhhpur Division of Rajasthan. In verses 11 and 12 of the Bijolia inscription, Vishnu in verse 11 equals Vasudeva.

Ahichchhatrapura may have been somewhere between Puntala and Sambhar; at least it could not have been very far from them, for we have no evidence what so ever to put the early Chauhans in any area except that indicated in the beginning of this paragraph.

Jat Gotras

Jat Monuments


According to Census-2011 information:

With total 598 families residing, Pundlota village has the population of 3037 (of which 1534 are males while 1503 are females).[5]

Notable Persons

  • पूसा राम किलक, पूणलौता- मारवाड़ जाट कृषक सुधार सभा की प्रबंधकारिणी और कार्यकारिणी में रहकर आप ने जाट जाति की सेवा करके अपने को कृतार्थ किया है। [6]
  • Shri Ram Raghunath Chaudhary - Congress M P, 12th Loksabha [7]
  • Ajay Singh Kilak - Elected M.L.A. in 2008 and 2013. He is presently Minister Cooperative Department, Rajasthan. He is from Pundlota, Degana, Rajasthan. VILLAGE- Pundlota, DISTT.- NAGOUR 2. Ram Medical Store, MP Bhawan, Opp. Railway Station. Degana Jun., Nagaur. tel.no.- 01587-222555, Present Address : 95-A, Suraj Nagar (East), Civil Lines, Jaipur. Resident Phone Number : 0141-2221132, Mobile Number : 9414059347

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