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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (Retd.)

Shalankayana (शालंकायन) was a republic known to Panini and mentioned in Mahabharata.


Variants of name

Jat clans

Mention by Panini

Shalankayanah (शालंकायना:) is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [1]


V. S. Agrawala[2] mentions Vishayas known to Panini which includes - Shalankayana (शालंकायन), under Rajanyadi (राजन्यादि) (IV.2.53).

V. S. Agrawala[3] mentions Ayudhajivi Sanghas – [p.443]: Panini mentions Ayudhajivi Sanghas by name in sutra V.3.115-117 and in the three Ganas of these sutras, Dāmanayādi, Parśvādi, and Yaudheyādi. The chapter opens with a reference to such Sanghas in the Vāhīka country, the cradle land of martial tribes who cultivated military art as a way of life. Mostly they were Kshatriyas, But Sutra V.3.114 shows that some of them were Brahmans also, e.g. the Gopālavas, and others called Rājanyas, which most likely correspond to those Hill States whose ruling classes designate themselves as Ranas. The Śālaṅkayanas are stated by Kashika to have belonged to the Rajanya class, and they seem to be an ancient community, as even Patanjali mentions them by the name Trika (V.1.58; II.352), probably on account of their League of three states (on the analogy of Shashtha as applied to League of six Trigartas, V.3.116).

Tej Ram Sharma[4] writes about King Hastivarmman in Allahabad Stone Pillar Inscription of Samudragupta (=A.D.335-76) (L. 2): A king of Vengi (वेंगी) in the time of Samudragupta and included in the list of the Dakshinapatha kings defeated by the latter. He is identical with the king of the Salankayana dynasty whose record has been found at Peddavegi. [5] It is a name based on animal. The name Hastin (elephant) denotes fatness and valour.

In Mahabharata

Shalankayana (शालङ्कायन) is mentioned in Mahabharata (XIII.4.51).

Anusasana Parva/Book XIII Chapter 4 mentions ancestry of Viswamitra, a Kshatriya whose sons became progenitors of many races of Brahmanas and founders of many clans. Shalankayana is mentioned in verse (XIII.4.51). ...."the illustrious Karna, Jangha and the great Rishi Galava, the celebrated Rishi Vajra, as also Shalankayana, ..."[6]

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