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Sangasar (सांगासर) is a village in Ratangarh tahsil of Churu district in Rajasthan.


Jat gotras


Near the village there are ruins of an old habitation, which is locally known as theh.

सांगासर और भींचरी गाँव के बीच में एक थेह है जहां पुरानी बस्ती के अवशेष हैं। कहते हैं यहाँ पर पुराना सांगासर गाँव बसा हुया था। पुराने किले और कुएं के खंडहर मौजूद हैं।


It is inhabited by 250 families out of which 125 families are of Jats. Jats are mainly Achra, Godara, Kulhari each about 40 families. Rajputs only 20 families.

Another Sangasar in Iraq

There is one village Sangasar in Iraq also. [1] This village Sangasar of Iraq is very ancient about 3000-4000 years old. [2] Its detailed history is as under:

Sangasar Town of Iraq is at pshdar that it's distance from Sulaymania is 143 Km. and it is at north west of Sulaymania - Kurdistan - Iraq . Through archaeology revealed that there were life from (3-4) thousand years ago , there are various symbols and pictures on the mountains and caves of this place or region , referring to the ancient civilizations of the region , and there are many graveyards that regard to the preceded centuries , and at winter there is snowing and raining so the prophet of God ( Mohammad ) said : ( ...pledge him allegiance till if you go on all fours on snow ... ) If not , there is no snow at Mecca .

The social geography of the people is in a from that they are bided to their father and grand father's tradition tightly , and through sociology and psychology they are points for dealing . The relations among them are so strong that they depend on each other in doing their daily works. The people of this region show themselves in away that human think that they love religion , but they don't understand religion so some times they use religion as a mean for their interests . their daughters and sons must marry in away that their parents want of them , therefore there are many problems among their families , and if one of the two don't be agree they oblige him or her by force to marry ; it means the society is under the control of the fathers . Some time because of the bounds of their farms or a tree in their jungle they crash , and it is a simple and normal matter according to them .

Their life is on their sheep and goats , at spring and summer they go to the mountains of Qandil that it is a good place for their flocks , at autumn they return to their villages to collect hay and wheat and other needs to their sheep and goats. At preceded times the region had many springs of water , and the rate of population was high ; but with decreasing water and the death of their sheep and goats the people of this area emigrated to the other places , so the rate of population decreased and this happened during several centuries . Imam Al-Mahdi lived with them for along period of time at the mutations of Qandil .

What we mentioned just before is related to Kalo , but Pshdar is a mountainous region , and surrounded by mountain in all it's four sides ; at north Qandil , at south Asos , at east Zargros and at west Kewarash , and it has only one canyon at south west that called is Darband - means canyon - that Imam Al-Mahdi get victory from this canyon as mentioned in a speech ( Hadith ) : ( ... He is of foreigners - Non Arabs - and God will give him victory in the near of the small canyon ... ) Khalifa u sultan , written by : W.W. Bar tawalud , page - 23 . And through this canyon the water of Dokan lake come up to Pshdar , and the lower Zab falls into this lake near Sangasar .

The number of population of Pshdar nearly is - 100 000 - person , and of Sangasar the place which Mahdi lived at it nearly is - 10 000 - person , the region is semi - commercial place because of it is being at bounds of Iraq - Iran .

The rough geopolitics the region was always a place of appearing various revolutions , each time when colonialism wanted to dominate the land of the region a revolution appeared . And people of this region stood against regional colonialism also ; that they are the masters ( the people who work for their wealth or the owner of the lands ) , Shekhs , Mulas ( who teach people Islam ; they think so ) and the Jashes ( some people work for government and kill people because of money and ... etc ) .

Their was arrogance and differentiating among the tribes and till now some views of servitude could be seen at the region . ( There are nearly 100 tribe at this small region with different traditions ).

We can say the population of this area didn't see any calmness during history , either there was imperialism or regional dominator , only during the last (50) years ago at least (10) times the population emigrated to Qandil or Iran , and nearly (4) times most of the towns and villages of this region destroyed by various colonists . At 1989 Saddam,s system ordered for emigrating Pshdar completely and he did so by destroying the all towns and villages of the region , but after the uprising of 1991 the population returned to their places .

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Notable persons

  • Pawan Saran s/o Pooran Chand, Sangasar, Meritorious Student in 12th Board Examination-2014 with marks 83.6%
  • Narendra Saran s/o Pooran Chand, Sangasar, Meritorious Student in 12th Board Examination-2014 with marks 76.2%


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