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Barla (बरला) is gotra of Jats.[1]


This gotra is said to be originated from place of the same name. [2]


Mangal Sen Jindal writes:[3] Uzbekistan was settled by Jats who were residing there in strongholds in large number and were a source of permanent trouble to Timur-lung is proved by the following quotation from that book.

'Brothers' I said. Welcome to A.K. Sarai. I have been expecting the envoys of my Father, the Khakhan, my beloved Amir and Master. I am Timur, Chief of the Barlas, Amir of Shehr-Sehz. Enter into my palace garden. Completely bewildered by my hospitality, the Jat Commander rode dumbly beside me to the door of the palace.' Conquests of Tamurlane, page 91.

H.A. Rose [4] writes:

In Gujrat the Muhammadan Jat tribes claim very diverse origins. Thus Mughal origin is claimed by the Bhaddar, Malana, Marar and Narwai, who claim to be Barlas ; and by the Bahlam, Chaughatta, Phiphra, Mander and Babal, who claim to be Chaughatta.


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