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For village see Mander Udaipur

Mander (मंडेर)[1][2]/(मंदेर) Mader (मडेर)[3][4] Mandrya (मंद्रय) is a gotra of Jats in Punjab.


They are said to be originated from place named Mandaur (मंडौर) where Bastapala (बस्तपाल) was the ruler. [5]


Bhim Singh Dahiya writes:

108. Mander/Mandrya -Rig Veda mentions a person named Mandāray. This is derived from Mandara, the Modern Mander clan of the Jats [6] A Mandara mountain is known to MBT. [7]

H.A. Rose [8] writes:

In Gujrat the Muhammadan Jat tribes claim very diverse origins. Thus Mughal origin is claimed by the Bhaddar, Malana, Marar and Narwai, who claim to be Barlas ; and by the Bahlam, Chaughatta, Phiphra, Mander and Babal, who claim to be Chaughatta.

Villages founded by Mander clan

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Jalandhar district

Villages in Patiala district

Mander population is 6,900 in Patiala district.[9]

Villages in Kapurthala district

Villages in Ludhiana district

Villages in Mansa district

Mander, Rampur Mander villages in Budhlada tahsil in Mansa district in Punjab.

Villages in Nawanshahr district

Villages in Sangrur district

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Udaipur district

Mander village is in Salumbar tahsil in Udaipur District in Rajasthan.

Notable person from this gotra

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