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Bhadal or Bharal, is a large village in Baraut tehsil of Bagpat district in Uttar Pradesh.


This is a village in Distict Bagpat (Before in Meerut). It has a distance 20 km from Baraut, 8 km from Budhana and 40 km from Muzaffarnagar. It situated on Baraut-Budhana Road. With other three villages named Daha, Nirpura and Gaidabra (Ghandpura) are famous as Chaugama. Rana is the gotra of Jats live in these villages. Village Bhadal, Pincode - 260622,P.O. Doghat Tehsil- Baraut District -Baghpat आसपास के गांव - गैडब्रा , निरपुरा , धनौरा टिकरी , खेरी चित्तम , दाहा , तबेला गढ़ी , आलमपुर , पुसार , सुजती , गंगौली , इदरीस पुर , कन्हार तलिबपुर , बहालोलपुर , बराउटा , इटावा , मिड़कौली ,



Jat Gotras


Population of Bhadal according to Census 2011, stood at 5874 (Males : 3142, Females : 2732).[1]

Notable Persons

  • नबाब सिंह राना

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