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Order of British India was an order of merit which was bestowed by the East India Company for "long, faithful and honourable service", beginning in 1837. The Company's powers were removed after the Indian Mutiny, and the Order was incorporated into the British honours system in 1859.


Those awarded the Rai Sahib title were usually elevated to the next rank, that of Rao Bahadur, which was in turn below the rank of Dewan Bahadur

  • Dewan Bahadur = Sardar Bahadur - It was awarded to individuals who had performed great service to the nation. It was an equivalent of the "Civil Division" of the British Order of the Bath. The title was accompanied by a medal called a Title Badge. Dewan literally means Prime Minister in Indian context and Bahadur means brave.
  • Rai Bahadur or Rao Bahadur = Khan Bahadur abbreviated R.B.,Translated, Rao means "prince", and Bahadur means "brave" or "most honourable". The equivalent title for Muslim and Parsi subjects was Khan Bahadur.
  • Rai Sahib / Rao Saheb / Roy Sahib / Rao Sahib = Khan Sahib= Sardar Sahab abbreviated R.S., and Khan Sahib for Muslim, Parsi, Irani, and Jewish subjects of the British Indian Empire
  • Khan
  • Zaildar- grand jagirdar (landlord) of the area, who were in charge of a Zail and administrative unit 40 to 100 villages
  • Lambardar or Numbardar - Each village was headed by the Lambardar
  • Safedposh Zamindars or Zamindar deputy of Lambardar

List of Jat Recipients

Here is partial list of Jat Recipients of Indian Order of Merit. You may add more.
  • Rao Bahadur Sir Chhotu Ram - Minister for Agriculture and Home Affairs, erstwhile Punjab, 1945. [1]
  • Sardar Bahadur Captain Mehtab Singh Agre OBI 3rd Cavalry. He was also awarded with Cross Victoria Gold Medal, born in a Zamindar family of Arotha, Mathura. He was 7 feet 6 inches tall. He donated 200 bigha of land to Government(now the Civil lines and Jawahar Bagh of Mathura).
  • Captain Bhola Singh - Hindu Dogra Jat, first warrior of Indian Army to get Order of British India award, whose statue is ther in Devi Lal Army Centre.
  • Subedar Sedu Ram -
  • Rao Bahadur Dr. Ram Dhan Singh
  • Honorary Captain Sardar Bahadur Bhola Singh Gulia, OBI (1st Class), Indian Survey Regiment of Badli, Haryana, India.
  • Sardar Bahadur Risaldar-Major Malook Singh Ahlawat OBI (1st Class),of Gochhi Haryana - Cavalry (Awal Rissala).
  • Subedar Bahadur Puran Singh Saran, OBI (2nd Class) (Pind: Mallah, Jagraon, Ludhiana District, Punjab, India).
  • Rao Bahadur Chaudhary Amar Singh OBI - Founder Jat College Lakhawati, Bulandshahr.
  • Capt Surat Singh, Sardar Bahadur OBI, Class 1, son of Dfr Harfool Singh R/o village Bisahan, District Jhajjar, Haryana, was born in 1890. He served in 7th Cavalry Regiment (1910-1936) and fought 1st World War with the Regiment in Persia / Afghanistan. He was re-enrolled and served in Aux Bn (1941-1945) and fought 2nd World War in the Middle East Front (MEF). Both him and his son Hav (Later Subedar Major) Dal Singh fought the 2nd World War in MEF, a very rare coincidence. Capt Surat Singh left for his heavenly abode on 02 October 1962.
  • Rai Sahib Sansar Chand - Arya Samajist from Rohtak
  • Rai Bahadur Lal Chand Phogat (राव बहादुर चौधरी लालचंद जी)
  • Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh Kaler from Nussi Village in Jalandhar - Radhasoami Beas Guru
  • Rai Bahadur Sardar Nau Nihal Singh - Honorary magistrate of Hisar pre-Independence.
  • Rai Bahadur Ghasiram Gathwal Malik of Ahulana in Sonipat.
Rais Rao Bahadur R.Major Raj Singh Ahlawat (OBI)
  • Rais Rao Bahadur R.Major Raj Singh Ahlawat (OBI), [right to left 3rd no.] ,of Gochhi with his 3 cousin's , some Jat Nobles and British officer during First World War. This Picture taken in 4 April 1916 , Place- Hyde park London, (U.K). Estate:- Gochhi, Dynasty:- Ahlawat Jats


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