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Dogra (डोगरा) Dogra (डोगरा), a term applied to any inhabitant of the Dugar des,† whatever his caste, but also used by Jats. [1]



H.A. Rose[2] writes that Dogra (डोगरा) is a term applied to any inhabitant of the Dugar des, whatever his caste, but more especially to the Hindu Rajputs of that region. Brahmans also are included in the term, as are Rathis and Thakkurs (as Rajputs), but not Ghirths or Kanets.

According to Drew (Jammu and Kashmir Territories, pp. 43 et seq.). there are two lakes near Jammu, the Saroin Sar and Mān Sar, and the country between them was called in Sanskrit Drigarhdesh or the country between the two hollows. This was corrupted into Dugar. Drew divides the Dogras of the Jammu hills into Brahmans, Rajputs (including the Miāns and workiug Rajputs), Khatris, Thakars, Jats, Banyas and Kirars (petty shopkeepers), Nais, Jiurs (carriers), Dhiyārs (iron-smelters), Meghs and Dums.


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