Converted Villages

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This page contains list of villages converted by various rulers in their own names
  • Bikaner - It was land of Nehra Jat. Rao Bika founded it in in 1486.
  • Fatehpur - Earlier the area belonged to Chaudhari Ganga Ram. Fatehkhan renamed it Fatehpur in 1446.
  • Ludi - Earlier capital of Punia Jats, Raja Gaj Singh costructed a fort and renamed Rajgarh in 1766.
  • Ratangarh - Its old name was Kolasar, which was converted to present name by Raja Surat Singh in name of his son Kunwar Ratan Singh in 1803.
  • Sardarshahar - Its old name was Rajiasar village of Saran Jats, built a fort here and then first changed it to Sardargarh, later changed to Sardarshahar in name of Kunwar Sardar Singh of Bikaner in 1838.
  • Suratgarh - Old name Sodhal, converted to Suratgarh by Surat Singh of Bikaner.
  • Taranagar - Old name Reni, converted to Taranagar by Tara Singh brother of Gaj Singh of Bikaner on 16 March 1941.