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King Dasharatha (also spelt as Dashrath) (Sanskrit: दशरथ) was a king of ancient Ayodhya whose grand story is portrayed in the epic Ramayana.

King Dasharatha was a descendant of Raghu and was father of prince Rama, (the principal character in Ramayana) as well as father of Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna. Dasharatha was son of Aja and Indumati.

The classical Indian poet Kalidasa has elaborated upon the lives and careers of the kings Dilipa, Raghu and Aja in his work entitled Raghuvamsha (literally: "Dynasty of Raghu"). This is significant as these rulers were the immediate forbears of Rama.

His wives

Dasharatha had three queens - Kaushalya (कौशल्या), Sumittra (सुमित्रा) and Kaikeyi (कैकेयी). Queen Kaushalya was from the kingdom of Magadha and Sumittra, from Kashi. Kaikeyi was from Kekeya Kingdom. Queen Kaushalya was the mother of Rama, Summittra was mother of Lakshmana and Kaikeyi, of Shatrughna.

Jat republics of Ramayana period

The marshals Sugriva sent out in search of Sita were all from Jat republics. [1] The republics involved were 1. Videhi 2. Malav 3. Magadh 4. Pudru 5. Dasharna 6. Vidarbha 7. Prishika 8. Vanga 9. Matsya 10. Andhra 11. Vain 12. Chol 13. Pandya 14. Parsen 15. Bhadra 16. Shaka 17. Naga 18. Vahika 19. Daratha 20. Sindhu 21. Kusha 22. Bhoktipur. In addition following Jat republics were also also there namely Panchal, Vrishni, Bhoj, Kshudrak, Taxak, Kaler, Maan, Punia, Aulakh, Bain (Beniwal), which were in Nagavansh sangha. The nagavansha was very powerful at that time. [2]

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