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Chhatar Singh Pradhan Kadyan Khap, Dubaldhan

Dubaldhan (दुबलधन) Doobaldhan (दूबलधन) was earlier part of undivided Rohtak district in Haryana. The village is now part of Jhajjar district. This is very large village having three panchayats. This is believed to be second highest populated village in Haryana.


The name Dubhaldhan is said to be derived from Maharishi Durvasa of Mahabharta era. This place used to be Tapobhumi of Maharishi Durvasa. [1]


The village is connected by road to Kalanaur and Dadri. From Dadri side, it is situated at an approach road separated to Dadri-Delhi road at Morwala (Morala). Doobaldhan (दूबलधन) is a large village in Kadyan Khap. Since 70s Dubaldhan is epicentre of education in rural areas.Government college, Dubaldhan caters primarily to the students of rural background hailing from villages- Dubaldhan, Majra, Bigowa, Chimni, Siwana, Dharana and Beri, etc. Located in the rural hinterland of Haryana ( Jhajjar), the college is playing an important role in disseminating education to rural students, especially girl students.

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