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Jatain(जटैन) Jatian (जटियन) Jattan (जट्टन) Jatan (जाटाण) [1] Gotra Jats are found in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.


Jatain Gotra has originated from Jatu Raja.


Distribution in Haryana

They are found mainly in Rohtak, Bhiwani and Sonipat districts in Haryana.

Villages in Jind district


Villages in Karnal district

Karnal, Khanpur Jattan,

Villages in Yamunanagar district


Sabri in Yamunanagar has only Jatian and no other caste.

Villages in Sonipat district

Dhanana Aladadpur (Gohana),

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

They are found in Meerut, Muzaffarnagar districts in Uttar Pradesh.

Villages in Muzaffarnagar district


In village Gunarsa Teh Deoband Muzaffarnagar Jattoo/Jatu/Jattu gotra people say that their gotra Jattoo is same as Jatain.

Notable persons

  • Sultan Singh Jatain - IFS officer of Haryana cadre of 1970 batch.
  • Sarabjit Singh Jattan - IFS officer of Haryana cadre of 1980 batch.

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