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Kadaria (कदारिया)[1] [2] Kidariya (किदारिया)/Kidari (किदारी)[3] Kidariy (किदारिय) Kadariy (कदारिय) Kidar (किदर)[4] is a gotra of Jats in Uttar Pradesh. [5]


These people were inhabitants of Karada (करद), which is now known as Kanauj.[6]

Villages after Kadar


According to Bhim Singh Dahiya[7]Incidentally, it were the traders under Kusana Jats who introduced glassware and pottery in China in the fifth century A.D., when these traders reached the Chinese court of Tai-wee (424-451 A.D.) and informed the Chinese that the Ta-yue-chi (Great Jats) under Ki-to-lo (Kidar, their king) had occupied Peshawar, Gandhara, etc.[8]

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Notable persons

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