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Karera () (Kareda) is a village in Kapasan tahsil in Chittorgarh district in Rajasthan. Its ancient was Karahetaka (करहेटक) which is Modern Kareda in Mewar.[1]



Jat Gotras


James Tod[2] visited this place and gives us the information:

Sunwar, 25th ; October, 1820. distance twelve and a-half miles by the direct route throusrh Loneroh ; but I made a circuit to visit the celebrated field of battle between Rawul Samarsi, of Cheetore, and Bhola Bheem, of Anhulwarra Patun, recorded by the bard Chund in his Rasa. This magnificent plain, like all the rest of this once garden of Mewar, is overgrown with the kesoola or plas, and lofty rank grass ; and the sole circumstance by which it is known is the site. The bard

[p.628]: describes the battle as having occurred in Khet-Kuraira, or field of Kuraira, and that the Solanki, on his defeat, retreated across the river, meaning the Bairis, which is a few miles to the south. A little way from hence is the Sungum, or point of junction of the Bairis and Bunas, which, with a third small stream, forms a tinveni ; at their point of confluence there is an altar to Mahadeo.

At Kuraira there is a temple of some celebrity, dedicated to the twenty-third of the Jain apostles, Parswanath. I found several inscriptions recording its foundation in S. 11 . . , and several from 1300 to 1350. We must supply the figures wanting in the first. The priests are poor and ignorant ; but they are transcribing its history, and such as it is it shall be given. The temple is imposing, and though evidently erected in the decline of the arts, may be considered a good specimen for the twelfth century. It consists of two domes, supported by numerous massive columns of a species of porphyry, of close texture, excessively hard, and taking a fine polish. The capitals of the columns are filled with Jain figures of their pontiffs. The domes are of nearly equal diameters, about thirty feet each, and about forty in height ; under the further one is the sanctum of Parswa and the other within the votaries. There is a splendid colonnaded vestibule at the entrance, richly sculptured, which gives a very grand appearance to the whole edifice ; but it stands in the midst of desolation. Even thirty years ago, these plains were covered with crops of joar, in which an elephant would have been lost ; now there is scarcely the trace of a footpath, and with some difficulty did I make way in my palki (for I am unable to mount my horse) through the high grass which completely over topped it, and the babool trees, the thorns of which annoyed us. Kuraira, which formerly contained six hundred houses, has now only sixty ; and more than half of these have been built since we came amongst them. The damsels of Kuraira came out to welcome me with the 'song of joy,' and bringing water. The distance is seven miles from Rasmy to Kuraira, and nine thence to Sunwar. The latter belongs to one of the infants (baba) of Mewar, the Mahraja Dowlet Sing, now killehdar or commandant of Komulmer. This chief town of the estate of my friend the Mahraja is but small, and in no flourishing condition. There is a small fort, in which he contrived to maintain himself against the savage bands who long prowled over the country. — Transcribed an inscription, and found it to be the abolition of a monopoly of tobacco, dated S. 1826.

करेड़ा - भूपालसागर

भूपालसागर राजस्थान के चित्तौड़गढ़ शहर से 50 किलोमीटर की दूरी पर चित्तौड़गढ़-उदयपुर वाया मावली स्टेट हाइ वे नम्बर नौ पर स्थित एक छोटा-सा गांव है। भूपालसागर कुछ प्राचीन स्त्रोतों के कारण राजस्थान के मानचित्र पर अपना स्थान बनाये हुये है। यहाँ स्थित प्राचीन जैन मंदिर, विशाल तालाब व शक्कर मिल के कारण इतिहास में इस गांव का नाम अमर है। भूपालसागर पंचायत समिति का प्राचीन नाम 'करेड़ा' हुआ करता था। मेवाड़ रियासत के तत्कालीन महाराणा भूपालसिंह द्वारा यहाँ पर निर्मित एक विशाल तालाब की वजह से राजस्व रिकार्ड में इस गांव का नाम 'करेड़ा' से बदलकर 'भूपालसागर' कर दिया गया। कहा जाता है कि भूपालसागर स्थित तालाब का फैलाव एवं भराव क्षमता उदयपुर की फ़तेहसागर झील से भी ज़्यादा है। इस तालाब से आसपास के कई गांवों में सिंचाई व जल आपूर्ति की जाती है।[3]

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