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Location of Kuchaman City in Nagaur district

Kuchaman City is a city, Additional/Sub-tehsil and a Municipality in Nawa tehsil of Nagaur district in Rajasthan.

Origin of name

  • Other theory: Munja plant in Rajasthani language is called Kuncha. The local tribes dependent on Kuncha parts for making baskets etc are called Kuchbandia. After the Kuchbandia tribe place was called 'Kunchaband'. Jalam Singh Mertia came from Mithri in samvat 1791 (1734 AD) and renamed it Kuchaman.[2]

Jat gotras


जनश्रुति के अनुसार जिस पर्वतांचल में कुचामन बसा है, वहाँ पहले कुचबंधियों की ढाणी थी सम्भवतः उसी के नाम पर यह क़स्बा बसा है. कुचामन और निकटवर्ती क्षेत्र पर गौड़ क्षत्रियों का दीर्घकाल तक वर्चस्व रहा, जिसकी पुष्टि कुचामन के पास हिराणी, मीठड़ी, लिचाणा तथा अन्य स्थानों पर गौड़ शासकों के शिलालेखों से होती है. उनकी राजधानी मारोठ थी जो एक प्राचीन नगर है. [3]


Kuchaman is a developed town it is situated on the Jaipur Nagaur route. It is 145 Kilometers far from Jaipur and 101 Kilometers far from Ajmer. The main business in the town is salt processing and local trade. The city includes a few Havelis in the Shekhawati style and a fort overlooking the city. The fort is about 1100 years old and was built in the 9th century. One can also find fresco painting here on variable subjects such as flowers, motifs, and Hindu Mythology.

This fort is a major tourist attraction and is also part of the route of Palace on Wheels. A few havelis have also opened their doors to the foreign guests, who visit during the winter[4].


Population of Kuchaman City according to Census 2001 was 50,587, Males : 26,202 Females : 24,385). According to census, Kuchaman City has an average literacy rate of 59%, lower than the national average of 59.5%; male literacy is 70%, and female literacy is 46%. In Kuchaman City, 27% of the population is under 10 years of age.

Educational and other Sansthan

It is a famous town of Nagaur District in Rajasthan. Mainly Kuchaman Vikas Samiti, Lions club, Rotary club, Narayan Sewa Sansthan, Maulana Azad Educational Society, Madarsa Islamiya society and Mahaveer International. In education the town established mile stones for example Navodaya School, DIET, Noble Senior Secondary School, Tagour Senior Secondary School, 15 other senior secondary schools, 10 secondary schools, 35 upper primary schools, and many others societies. Kuchaman city's education system is fairly developed and during last few years students from other parts of the state are coming here for education.

Tourist places

  • Kuchaman Fort
  • China Pole
  • Lok Dev Temple
  • Sabha Prakash
  • Jal Mahal
  • Meera Mahal

Notable person

  • Rameshwar Mawlia - Director Marwar Keshari Middle School, Kuchaman City. Ph:01586-220231, 9829644344.

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