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Kuhia (कुहिया) Kuhyia (कुहिया) Kuiya (कुइया) Kuiyaa (कुईया) Kuhiya (कुहिया) gotra Jats are found in Madhya Pradesh.


They are probably descendants of Raja Kuhala (कुहल) mentioned in Ram Chandra Pura Inscription found by James Tod. These people were known as Kanhardeva (कान्हरदेव). [1]


Jalor's Chauhan ruler Kanhardeva had accepted the suzerainty of Alauddin Khalji Delhi in 1304. [2]

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Bhopal district

Bhopal, Bandikhedi,

Villages in Nimach district


Villages in Gwalior district

Arru, Bhengana, Gharsondi, Sahona,

Villages in Sehore district


Distribution in Rajasthan

Baseri tahsil in Dholpur district has a village named Kuiya.

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Bilaspur tahsil in District Rampur District in Uttar Pradesh also has village named Kuiya.

Notable persons

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