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Lat (लट) Lit (लिट) Litt (लिट्ट)[1]/ Litt (लिट्ठ)[2] Lat (लाट)[3] [4] is Jat Gotra in Punjab. [5],[6]. They are same as Lather.[7] Lata clan is found in Afghanistan. [8]


Dr Naval Viyogi, in his book "Nagas: the Ancient Rulers of India" [9], has provided a list of some important Gotras of Tak kshatriyas and explained their history. The list includes Lat as well. Hence they are of Nagavanshi origin.

Lat clan have no jathera at all.[10]

Hukum Singh Panwar[11] while advocating the presence of Indo Aryans in Baltic region writes that It is extremely interesting to note that Dr. Marija Gimbutas[12], a Lithuanian scholar, who has highlighted many affinities and parallels to show close cultural and linguistic relationships between the Balts (from Baltisthan) and the Vedic Aryans[13], mentions, as quoted by Dr. Chatterji[14], the names of the Baltic tribes and territories. These indisputably betray their Indian names and, especially, Jat names. The names she mentions (with their possible equivalent given in brackets) are: Latgala or Lettigallian (present-day Letts of Latvia) or ancient and modern Lets (Lat or Lathar Jats), Kursas or Curonians (Kurus), Sela or Selonicans (S=H, Hela Jats), Kulmas (G = K, Gulmas from Gulmarg, Kashmir), Pamede (P = B, Bamede or Bamian), Lubava (?), Pagude (Jagude or Jakhar Jats?), Sasna (Sse or Ssae, Scythian, Jats), Galinda (Kalinda?), Varme (Varmas, V=B, Barma or Barme or Birhmaan Jats), Notanga (?), Scmba(Samba Jats), Sakalva or Skalva Sakas), Nadruva (Madras?),Barta (Bharta Jats), Suduva, also known as the Dainva (Danavas), and the Jotya (Jatva or Jats).

In this context, we also wish to draw the attention of our readers to a still more astonishing fact that the Balts, even after their separation thousands of years ago from Rig Vedic Aryans and in spite of their permanent settlement in the Baltic countries thousands of kilometers away from Sapta Sindhu, have not as yet dislodged the idea from their psyche that India is their motherland.

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Hoshiarpur district

Litt is village in Dasua tahsil in Hoshiarpur district in Punjab.

Villages in Kapurthala district

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