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Main (मैन) or Maini (मैनी) [1] is Jat Gotra in Punjab[2] and Uttar Pradesh. [3] They are called Main in Punjab and Maini in Uttar Pradesh. Maini/Miyani/ Miyana/Myanah/Mani clan is found in Afghanistan. [4]


They originated from chieftain named Midhu (मीढू). [5] Mainpuri is a district town in Uttar Pradesh. It was founded by Maini gotra Jats.[6]

Mention by Panini

Mainika (मैनिक) is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [7]


H. W. Bellew[8] writes about this clan that the Ludi have entirely disappeared from Afghanistan, but the Miyani, a branch of the tribe retaining its primitive name, is still found in the country, as one of the divisions of the association of caravan merchants denominated Povindah.

The Miyani subdivisions or sections, as given in the Afghan genealogies, are the following : —

Miyani sections.

Ghorani. Malahi. Silaj. Jat. Isot. Latah. Mashani. Togh. Samra. Sur. Keki. Sarghi. Rahwani. Lohani. Shakur. Zora. Ahir. Zmari. Khatran and Gharshin or Khachin or Kachin.

Almost all of these names, not even excepting that of the clan itself, the Miyani or Myanah, are found amongst the clans and sections of the Bajput. But as the Rajput now comprise a great many sub-divisions, the names of which do not appear in the early genealogies of the race, as given in Tod's " Annals of Rajasthan," it would seem that they have from time to time adopted and incorporated with their own tribes many others, of perhaps kindred origin, with which they came into contact in ancient times, subsequent to Alexander's conquest of Ariana. I have prepared a classified list of Rajput tribes and their subdivisions for reference in connection with this inquiry, which will be found at the end of this paper. It will serve as a guide to distinguish the tribes coming into Ariana from the eastward from those entering the country from the west and the north, and to distinguish both classes from the tribes inhabiting the country prior and up to the period of the Makedonian conquest.

It is to be noted that Rajput here includes Jats as well.

Distrbution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Moradabad district

Mati Urf Maini,

Villages in Bareilly district

Maini (t.Faridpur),

Villages in Pilibhit district

Maini (t.Bisalpur Pilibhit), Maini Gulria (t.Puranpur),

Distrbution in Punjab

Villages in Patiala district

Villages in Ludhiana district

Main population is 2,643 in Ludhiana district.[9]

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