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(No other name)

Location : Multan

Country : Pakistan

Languages :

Religion : Islam

Panda is a Jat clan found in Multan, Pakistan.[1]


Panda may have been originated from ancestor Pandaka mentioned in Mahavansa/Chapter 12, who was first to be converted to Buddhism.


Khak (खक), Jat clan is found in Kabirwala tahsil, Multan district, and reputed to be one of the four most ancient tribes in that tract, the other three being the Panda, Pahor and Sahu. [2]

H.A. Rose[3] describes Migration of Jats: If the history of the various tribes in Multan be investigated it will be found that there is scarcely a single important tribe now found in the District which has not immigrated within the last 500 or 600 years. The whole population in Multan has for many centuries been in a state of constant flux, and it is of very little use trying to discover who the original inhabitants were even in the pre-Muhammadan times The Khaks, Pandas, Pahors and Sahus in Kabirwala tahsil, the Dhudhis in Mailsi, and the Kharas, north of Multan, are reputed vaguely to have been converted to Islam in the Multan district during the 13th century, but the traditions cannot be trusted. When the Ain-i-Akbari was compiled the Sahus, Sandas, Marrals, Tahims, Ghallus, Channars, Joiyas, Utheras and Khichis were settled in or near their present seats, and tradition assigns many tribal immigrations to Akbar's time.

In Mahavansa

Mahavansa/Chapter 12 tells that ....When the thera Moggaliputta had brought the third council to an end and when he had beheld the founding of the religion in adjacent countries then he sent forth theras, one here and one there.

The thera Majjhantika he sent to Kasmira and Gandhara.

At that time in Kasmira and Gandhära did the Naga-king of wondrous power reined....the thera preached the doctrine, and thereupon the naga-king came unto the (three) refuges and the precepts of duty, and this likewise did eighty-four thousand Nagas and many Gandhabbas, Yakkhas and Kumbhandakas in the Himalaya.

But a Yakkha named Pandaka with (his wife) the Yakkhini Harita and his five hundred sons obtained the first fruit (of sanctification).

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