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Location of Ratanpura in Rajasthan , India
Location of villages around Rajgarh Churu

Ratanpura (रतनपुरा) is a village in Rajgarh tehsil of Churu district in Rajasthan.This Village is established in 1948.It is situated in 45 km northeast direction of Churu city and 17 km southwest of Rajgarh.


Ratanpura ('रतनपुरा') is founded in 1848 . This village started with single cottage named for that time bikaner king maharaja Ratan Singh. who secure that cottage from landlord of this area. So name of this village is Ratanpura named for Maharaja Ratan Singh.


It is situated in 45 km northeast direction of Churu city and 17 km southwest of Rajgarh. Its neighbouring villages are Jharsar Chhota, Amarpura, Hadiyal, Dokwa etc.

Major Jat Gotras


As of the census of 2011,[1] there are 3071 people out of them 1559 (50.76%) are male and 1512 (49.23%) are female.


Sand dunes near Ratanpura, Rajasthan

Ratanpura is situated in the Thar desert and has a hot desert climate with very little rainfall and extreme temperatures. In summer temperatures can exceed 45 °C, and during the winter they may dip below freezing.

The climate in Bikaner is characterised by significant variations in temperature. In the summer season it is very hot when the temperatures lie in the range of 28–50 °C (82–122 °F). In the winter, it is fairly cold with temperatures lying in the range of 0–23.2 °C (32–73.8 °F).


Ratanpura is considered to be a progressive village of the region. Education Level of this village is excellent. Schools of this Village made many Engineer , Doctors , Officers , Teacher , Ethletics and much Players (national ,international level). List of Schools is below :-


  • Govt. Primary School , Ratanpura [2]
  • Indian Children Public School , Ratanpura
  • Geeta Devi School , Ratanpura
  • S.S.S. Govt. Senior Secondary School , Ratanpura


  • Tagore Gramothan College , Ratanpura



Ratanpura is situated between Rajgarh or Churu on National Highway 65 (NH 65).Bus or taxi available for Ratanpura from Both Station.


Ratanpura is situated on the main Delhi-Bikaner rail link. The railway station of Ratanpura is known as Hadyal named. It takes around 3–4 hours from Delhi (en route you would cross major stations like Gurgaon, Rewari, Mahendragarh, Loharu). Till 2011 the route had metre gauge track that was converted to 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) broad gauge. Several new trains now connect Ratanpura or Hadyal to major cities Delhi, Bikaner, Jaipur, Degana, Sri Ganganagar, Hisar, Hanumangarh.


The nearest airports are Delhi Airport and Jaipur Airport.

Ratanpura on Social Network


All people of Ratanpura village belong to Hindu religion. There is temple of Hanumanji ,Thakur ji , Sani maharaj and Some others.

Notable persons

  • Sohan Lal Dhindhwal - Sr Audit Officer Delhi
  • Dr. Sandeep Dhindhwal - Bhartiya Hospital Churu
  • Dr. Divya Dhaka Dhindhwal - Bhartiya Hospital Churu
  • Vikash Dhindhwal- RPS-2019
  • Supriya Kaler Dhindhwal - RAS - 2019
  • Er. Krishan Binda - Ratanpura_Churu ,churu , Rajgarh , Churu
  • Col. H. S. Saharan - Colonel, Present Address : 158, Mahadev Nagar, Near Vaishali Nagar, Gandhi Path, Jaipur - 302021, Residence Phone Number : 0141-4001550, Mobile Number : 9660903606, Email Address : saharanhari@yahoo.co.in
  • Sqn.Ldr.Veena Saharan - Indian Air Force, D/O Col. H. S. Saharan
  • Manoj Sunda -Ratanpura, Rajgarh, President Rajasthan University, Commerce College Jaipur
  • Ramdhan, Ratanpura, Worker of Rajgarh Kisan Sabha[3]
  • Tara Chand Punia (Subedar), Ratanpura, Worker of Rajgarh Kisan Sabha[4]


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