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Shrawan (श्रवण) Sarawan (सरावन) [1][2] is gotra of Jats found in Jalor district in Rajasthan.



Hukum Singh Panwar [3] provides us the Tribal and Geographical Identifications based on India in Greece by E. Pococke, Indian Reprint, Oriental Publishers, Delhi-6. of this clan.

S.No. Name of tribe From To Altered name Country
17. Sarawan/Saran* Afghanistan Sarwanlca, Saronica Saron, Saronian, Greece

* Solar & Lunar (children of the sun and the moon in Greece). Solar the earliest emigrants to Greece.


Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Jalor district

Mirpur Kheda

Villages named Sarawan

Sarawan village is in Jhalrapatan tahsil in Jhalawar district in Rajasthan.

Sarawan village is in Jaitu or Jaito tahsil in Faridkot district in Punjab.

Sarawan village is in Malout or Malaut tahsil headquarters in Muktsar district in Punjab.

Notable persons

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