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Satalya (सतल्या) Sataliya (सतलिया) Satil/Satila (सातिल) gotra Jats live in Tonk district in Rajasthan.



Tej Ram Sharma[2] describes some names ending in la. He mentions from Udayagiri Cave Inscription of the time of Kumaragupta I of Gupta Year 106 (=A.D. 425) a name such as Samghila, who was a soldier who has been mentioned as an 'Ashvapaty. It is an abbreviated form of the full name 'Samghadatta'. We find Agila (Agnidatta), Satila (Svatidatta), Nagila (Nagadatta), Yakhila (Yaksadatta), Samghila (Samghadatta) in Sanchi Inscriptions.[3].

Tejram Sharma[4] gives details about the kings of Aryavarta defeated by Samudragupta. According to Panini, a polysyllabic name was sometime shortened in order to express affection. Thus in the case of names ending in 'ila' we find:

Devila being derived from Devadatta;
Yajnila and Yajnadatta;
Makhila from Makhadeva;
Agila from Agnidatta ;
Satila from Svatidatta;
Nagila from Nagadatta, and
Yasila, Yakhila from Yaksadatta. Similarly
Matila can be formed from Matideva or Matidatta.

Satila are mentioned by Cunningham[5] in Ashoka period Sanchi Inscriptions at the Buddhist Stupa of Sanchi as under:

No. 98. — Dhara-kinā Sātilasa dānam.
"Gift of Santila of Dharaki (? Dharanagara)."

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Tonk district

Satalya Jats live in villages: Nayagaon (1),

Villages in Banswara district

Sataliya, Sataliya Ki Todi are names of villages in Kushalgarh tahsil of Banswara district in Rajasthan.

Notable persons

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