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Jakha (जाखा) is a Jat gotra in Churu district in Rajasthan. It is probably a variant of Jakhar. Jakho (जाखो) clan found in Afghanistan.[1] Jakho (जखो) is a Dogar clan found in Amritsar.[2]


Yasila or Yakhila may have originated from King Yaksadatta.[3]


Tej Ram Sharma[4] describes some names ending in la. He mentions from Udayagiri Cave Inscription of the time of Kumaragupta I of Gupta Year 106 (=A.D. 425) a name such as Samghila, who was a soldier who has been mentioned as an 'Ashvapaty. It is an abbreviated form of the full name 'Samghadatta'. We find Agila (Agnidatta), Satila (Svatidatta), Nagila (Nagadatta), Yakhila (Yaksadatta), Samghila (Samghadatta) in Sanchi Inscriptions.[5].

Tejram Sharma[6] gives details about the kings of Aryavarta defeated by Samudragupta. According to Panini, a polysyllabic name was sometime shortened in order to express affection. Thus in the case of names ending in 'ila' we find:

Devila being derived from Devadatta;
Yajnila and Yajnadatta;
Makhila from Makhadeva;
Agila from Agnidatta ;
Satila from Svatidatta;
Nagila from Nagadatta, and
Yasila, Yakhila from Yaksadatta. Similarly
Matila can be formed from Matideva or Matidatta.

In Chauhan history

Dasharatha Sharma in "Early Chauhan Dynasties" [Page-178] writes about Jalor Chauhan ruler - Chachigadeva.

Chachigadeva's queen was Lakshmidevi. His daughter by her was married to "the highly famed ruler Tejasimha", most probably Maharaval Tejasirhha of Mewar. See the Burtra inscription of Samantasimha, edited by Kielhorn, EI, IV. pp. 313 f. We have inscriptions for Maharaval Tejasimha in the years V. 1317 and V. 1314. According to Nainsi, Chachigadeva had three sons, Samantasimha, Chahadadeva and Chandra (Khyat: I, p. 183). His Prime Minister in V. 1323 was Jakshadeva. The mahamatya Jarava mentioned in the Ratanpur Inscription of V. 1333 might be a misreading for Jakha, the Prakritised form of Jaksha. [7]

We can conclude from this that Jakshadeva or Jakha, The Prime Minister or amatya of Chachigadeva, is a person of Jakha/Jakhar Jat clan.

This fact is also supported from contemporary local tradition in the form of Bigga Ji Jakhar in Churu district.

Bigga Ji Jakhar

Bigga Ji Jakhar (1301 - 1336) (also called Bigga Ji or Biggaji) is a folk-deity of Jangladesh area of Rajasthan. He was a Jat ruler of Jakhar gotra of a small democratic republic state. He was born in year 1301 AD at place called Riri, which was capital of Jakhars in present tahsil Dungargarh of the Churu district in Rajasthan, India. His great grandfather was Maharaja Laxman Singh Chuhad and father was Rao Mahun ji. His mother was Sultani of Godara clan. He was a great warrior and was killed in fight while protecting cows in the year 1336.

Villages in Jodhpur district


Jakha village in Agra district

Jakha named village is in Agra district, Kiraoli tahsil.

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