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Ardas or Urdas is Gotra of Jats. They are mostly Sikh Jats.[1]


Ardèche (French pronunciation: ​[aʁdɛʃ]; Occitan and Arpitan: Ardecha) is a department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of Southeast France.


Ram Sarup Joon [2] writes that ... Ardas or Urdas Sindhu: This is a very old gotra of the Jats. They are mostly Sikh Jats. They are the descendants of King Jai Dratha. As they came from Sindh they were known as Sindhi. They have been mentioned in history for various praiseworthy deeds, which have been mentioned earlier. King Jai Dratha was the son of Drudabhanu in the 52nd generation of the Urdas Branch of King Yayati and was the brother-in-law of Duryodhana.

His capitals were Mathela Shorao, Mao and Shivasthan (Seistan). The Mahabharat Sabha Parva mentions Jai Daratha to be a Sindhu. About 600 years before Christ, the King of Sindhu helped the king of Cyprus, against Babylonia. But later on the king of Cyprus, on becoming very powerful drove them out of Sindh. The Sindhar gotra is a derivative of Sindhu. The people of this clan belonging to this gotra are found in Haryana.

Seth, Arh, Gandhi, Gaindhu and Gandhar are Jat clans associated with the Ardas branch in family tree of Yayati.

The ancestor of the Cheema gotra was one Chanuma in 21st generation of Urdas (Ardas). They have been referred to as being neighbors of Sindhi and Gandhara Kshatriyas. This shows that they hailed from Afghanistan.

Association with present Jat gotras

Ram Sarup Joon[3] writes ... Many names in the Genealogical tables of Yayati are associated with present Jat gotras. Some examples are Ushinar, Shishu Bhadra, Tak or Takshak, Satoti, Krishan or Kushana from the Yadhu branch; Dushyanta, Bharat, Bhardwaja, Hasti, Ajmirh, Kaushik, Gadh and Vishwamitra of Puru branch; Seth, Arh, Gandhi, Gaindhu and Gandhar of the Ardas branch.


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