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Gandhi (गंधी)[1] Gandhila (गंधीला) Gendhla (गेंधला) Gaindhla (गैंधला)[2] Gāndhi (गांधी)/Gandhili (गंधीली) [3] is gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab. Gandhi (गंधी) Jat tribe seems to be chiefly found in the same tract with the Māngat. [4]


This gotra originated from people doing cultivation and trade in scent (इत्र). [5]

Association with present Jat gotras

Ram Sarup Joon[6] writes ... Many names in the Genealogical tables of Yayati are associated with present Jat gotras. Some examples are Ushinar, Shishu Bhadra, Tak or Takshak, Satoti, Krishan or Kushana from the Yadhu branch; Dushyanta, Bharat, Bhardwaja, Hasti, Ajmirh, Kaushik, Gadh and Vishwamitra of Puru branch; Seth, Arh, Gandhi, Gaindhu and Gandhar of the Ardas branch.


H.A. Rose[7] writes that Gandhila (गंधीला), fem. -aṇ, a low vagrant tribe, said by Elliott to be "a few degrees more respectable than the Bawarias," though in the Punjab their positions are perhaps reversed. They wander about bare-headed and bare- footed, beg, work in grass and straw, catch quails, clean and sharpen knives and swords, cut wood, and generally do odd jobs. They are said to eat tortoises and vermin. They also keep donkeys, and even engage in trade in a small way. It is said that in some parts they lead about performing bears ; but this is doubtful. They have curious traditions which are reported from distant parts of the Province, regarding a king- dom which the tribe once possessed, and which they seem inclined to place beyond the Indus. They say they are under a vow not to wear shoes or turbans till th eir possessions are restored to them.

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Nimach district

Gandhi (गाँधी) Jat gotra is found in Jawad in Nimach district in Madhya Pradesh.

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Rupnagar district

Notable persons

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